BBN 6: How WhiteMoney Stopped Me From Having Sex After The Jacuzzi Party – Queen Reveals [VIDEO]

In a conversation with some of her fellow housemates, Queen revealed that she wanted to sleep with one of the male housemates after the Jacuzzi party.

Initially, Cross was still insisting that his kiss with Queen was in his dream, and this made Whitemoney and Angel jokingly tease him because he couldn’t remember what really happened during the jacuzzi party.

However, as Queen agreed that she remembered everything, she revealed that she almost wanted to sleep with a male housemate yesterday, but she did not eventually do it.

Angel was curious to know why Queen changed her mind, and Queen said Whitemoney told her to go back inside and sleep when he saw her coming to the lounge.

However, Whitemoney on his own part, stated that he did not know Queen was alert. According to him, he actually thought that Queen was high and didn’t know what she was doing.


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