BBN 6: How Jackie B Foretold The 3 Housemates With The Least Vote Percentage Before Her Eviction [VIDEO]

Recent Evicted Housemate, Jackie B, in a conversation with fellow Housemate, Cross, predicted the top three housmate she strongly believed would leave the House on Sunday.

After Jackie B’s eviction, Cross felt Saga’s name would be called after her and Jaypaul were evicted from the House.

White speaking with Saskay at the game lounge, Cross said: “I knew you were not going anywhere. I think I told you a couple of times before the start of the Eviction Show”.

Saskay doesn’t understand why Cross was so confident that she wouldn’t leave the House. She asked: “Hmmmm! So why do you think I would not leave the House this night?”.

In response to that question, Cross said:

Jackie B told me the top three people that would leave the House tonight. She predicted herself, Jaypaul and Saga.

Last week, she also predicted those that would leave and she was right. She went as far as calling out the five Housemates that will make it to the final.

I swear if she’s right this time, she is a f*cking witch. I would be forced to believe that she has supernatural powers”.

It is surprising that Jackie B predicted her own exit from the BBN House. According to Cross, she also mentioned that Jaypaul and Saga are the two other Housemates that would leave the House.

It turns out that only two of them left the House on sunday. However, Jackie B’s prediction would have been perfect if Biggie actually evicted three Housemates.

Considering the result of viewers’ votes for this week, Saga would have left the House if Big Brother had evicted three Housemates.


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