Adefarasin to church members: Get a Plan B out of Nigeria

The senior pastor and founder of House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin has called on members of his congregation to have a planned escape route from Nigeria amid the situation of things in the country.

The clergyman in his message on Sunday said it is unfortunate that successive and present administrations have failed to tackle the challenges confronting the country.

The 58-year-old preacher noted that while he is optimistic that the country will get better, he already has a “plan B” in case things go wrong.

”I bring you greetings from Pastor Ifeanyi who is busy taking care of the frontier of our world and preparing our escape root. If you don’t have a plan B… I know you have faith, but I have faith too but I have a plan B,” he said.

“With technology, I can speak to you from anywhere in the world. Get yourself a plan B. Whether that’s an Okada to Cameroon or flying boat or speed boat as we call them to Seme Border or a hole in the ground, get your plan B because these people are crazy… the whole bunch of them. And watch the signs because it can happen like this. God forbid!”

Adefarasin also called on the leaders to make concerted efforts to fix the nation, warning that no country can survive two civil wars.

“Nigeria has more problems that are more significant than she ever has. Many of these issues need to be dealt with. Unless the truth is unveiled concerning our foundation years, amalgamation, independence, and our first constitution, we will not get it right in Nigeria,” he added.

”No country in the world history has survived two civil wars. You could be in fright and running for your dear life any day from now if this thing does not come to an end. My personal encouragement to leaders and government on all sides is that it is not time to be partisan, blend the aisles. It is time to sit down and dialogue.”


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