How politician allegedly duped late twin sister’s children, illegally took deceased’s properties

A former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kehinde Oyenuga has been accused of illegally taken over some properties belonging to his late twin sister, Taiwo Oyenuga.

According to SaharaReporters, documents showed that some of the properties include a full building located at No 1a Alara Street, Onike Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, a 2 bedroomed flat at 62 Odunfa Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos and some plots of land along Agege Motor Road, opposite Alakara police station in Mushin, also in Lagos.

A member of the family accused the politician, Oyenuga of threatening the children of his late sister whom were identified as Olusola Akiyode and Titilola Akiyode-Alimi.

A family source told SaharaReporters “Around May 2015, Olusola and his sister, Titilola transferred the sum of N4 million, which was part of their late mother’s pension to Mr Kehinde Oyenuga because he settled a dispute between them concerning the money. After transferring the money to him, they told him to take N1 million from the money as a gift and he should send the remaining N3 million to Olusola the next day.

“Unfortunately, he didn’t send the N3 million as promised. After a week of not getting the N3 million from Mr Kehinde Oyenuga, the family was told the boy reported him to his former personal assistant, one Mr Alex Oyenuga, who was a witness when the transaction happened.

“So Alex went to Mr Kehinde Oyenuga concerning the money and he told Alex that he used the money to secure his security company license and he was going to refund the young boy when he had money. After a year, I was told he only refunded N1 million from the N3 million he owed the young boy.

“In October 2018, this Kehinde sent his friend, one Ayinla Oladokun to go and beg Olusola that he needed a loan for his campaign. Sola told Ayinla that his uncle owed him N2 million and wondered why he should borrow him money again. But Ayinla told him that Kehinde already informed him about the N2 million debt and he would pay him both the N2 million and the funds for his campaign together.

“So Sola sourced for money for him to fund his campaign. During his campaign, he made Sola the deputy campaign manager and the one in charge of funds. Sola told me the money he spent on his uncle’s campaign was N5 million but after the election, he could only account for N3.2 million, so he told him to refund N3.2 million from the N5 million, that he would bear the loss of N1.8 million.

“I was there when he agreed to pay him but I learnt he has yet to refund the money as we speak. Last year alone, he bought a car worth N19 million.

“In February (2021), Sola reported to some family members and we had a meeting with him in his office. What we discussed was about the debt he owed and properties that belonged to the children’s late mother that he refused to hand over to them.

“He promised to pay back the N5.2 million, which was the N2 million from their late mother’s pension and N3.2 million campaign funds. He then gave Sola a cheque of N2 million which he split into 4 (N500,000) and also post-dated them to March 30, April 30, May 30 and June 30.

“In March 30, 2021, Sola told me he paid the cheque in and it was a dud cheque. On April 29, Titilayo called him that she was going to present the second cheque and he told her not to present the cheque that he was going to do a transfer of N500,000 to her which she did the next day.

“Titilayo asked him about the campaign funds and he started lying that Sola didn’t spend up to the funds he claimed to have spent on his campaign. Currently, he owes these innocent children N4.7 million. In addition, they have properties with him that he’s yet to hand over to them.”


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