I’m qualified to buy a jet, I once gave $1m as offering during Sunday service – Ibiyeomie

Founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie said he’s over qualified to buy a jet because he once gave God one million dollars as offering during a Sunday service.

Ibiyeomie stated this during a church’s programme, “Love For the Miraculous”, adding that his wife was not aware until he shared the testimony.

The 58-year-old clergyman said God could not manifest Himself on anyone without one loving Him.

“There are people who pray for miracles. There are some who are miracle personified. Your love for God will make you seek God first. Those who love God puts him first.

“When you say I love God, it means I put God’s things first. I was talking to a man of God, an American preacher. He said David, you tried o, do you know I have never given a million dollar before in my life and this preacher is a multimillionaire in dollars.

“When I gave one million dollars as offering, I had no house. I gave it on a Sunday, my wife was not even aware until she heard my testimony. It was only the Church accountant that knew as a privilege of his office when he saw he volume of money that came in.

“He said wow! I told him to keep quiet, I didn’t do it for you but for God. Don’t mind all these people that criticise preachers. Ask them how many of them have people in school on scholarship. They will always criticise men of God buying jets. If I buy a jet today, I am over qualified

“I have given countless times. Do you know the number of people on Oyedepo’s scholarship. Be ready to love God but be ready for the envy of people. If people do not envy you, it means you are not getting blessed of God,” Ibiyeomie said.

Ibiyeomie added: “Those who love God, God stays with them and they walk in the miraculous. There is no embassy today that I will go to and I will be kept for more than two minutes.
“When you walk in love, you become a miracle. You can fast forty days and not walk in the supernatural but you can’t walk in love and not walk in the supernatural.”


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