English Premier League Betting This Christmas

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of football’s most-followed leagues in the world, with a potential global audience of 4,7 billion. It is broadcast to 212 territories to about 640 million homes.

And during the Christmas period, whilst many of the other football leagues take a break, the EPL keeps going and offers sports fans a real sporting feat over the holidays. This has helped in its popularity, and it is also one of the largest contributors to the sports betting arena.

Sports Betting In Nigeria

Sports betting and EPL betting, in particular, has grown over the years in Nigeria. Since Afribet was issued a five-year betting licence by the National Lottery Regulation Commission (NLRC) in September 2018, 35 other betting companies have been granted licences covering the same duration.

Nigeria’s population, which is currently over 213 million, has been a good place for the sports betting industry to establish roots as vast numbers of sports fans aid the spread of betting. EPL betting at 10Bet is one of the popular sites where one can follow the sporting action and place one’s bets.

Having a good enough internet connection gains you access to betting sites giving you unlimited opportunities to follow all the EPL action and make your desired bets. You will never miss out on the matches.

The Popularity of Football

In many places around the world, football is followed religiously. Nigeria is no exception as there are many fan clubs for different clubs set up around the country.

For example, Arsenal and Manchester United have fan clubs started and run by locals, and the respective clubs recognise these. These clubs offer fans some of the perks that are offered to supporters in and around England, like favourable prices on tickets and team merchandise.

The EPL has also had several Nigerian players play in the teams. From legendary players Jay-Jay Okocha and Nwankwo Kanu to current Super Eagles players like Everton star Alex Iwobi and Leicester City duo Wilfrid Ndidi and Kelechi Iheanancho.

A lot more Nigerian players have played for EPL teams, and the trend does not look like it will end any time soon. It makes following EPL games and taking part in the betting process easier and a lot more fun as the connection to the EPL is greater, especially when you get to see your countrymen play.

The Christmas period is an excellent time to get into football betting as there are more matches on offer than during the normal periods of the season. Teams play up to eight matches between the first of December and the first of January, with some being played during the weekdays.

It gives you enough time to learn the ropes and get into the action if you are a newbie.

The Art Of Sports Betting

Betting in all forms is more than just randomly picking a team to put your money on. There are so many things to consider before you decide on placing a bet, and if you ask any gambler, it is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is like taking a leap of faith.

Analysing previous matches and going through numerous data sheets on players’ and teams performances is a good way to predict the outcome of your bets and the next match. Scouring through news channels and keeping up to date with all the latest injury reports, not just from the team you support but of all the league teams, is a good tactic to implore before placing your bet.

It takes being a premier fan of the sport to a whole new level and adds another dynamic to supporting football. You move from simply being a fan of Arsenal and becoming a greater fan of the sport as your knowledge base increases.

Not only will you be able to brag to your peers with your extensive football knowledge during games, but you will also have the upper hand when it comes to placing your bet. And there is no better feeling than when your team wins, and you also win with your bets. You will be the undisputed “man of the match” off the field.

The Ultimate Fan

If you are not yet for betting on football but like to follow the EPL, you should try betting on the matches. It is a growing industry in Nigeria that serves up a lot of opportunities to learn the tricks of the trade and have some good fun.

This Christmas period presents a good time to do so as there are many more games to watch and bet on.

Your learning process will come with a bit of festive cheer.



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