The Many Rantings of Bishop Kukah

The unending pursuit by Bishop Matthew Kukah to stir up controversy that agitates the public is indeed intriguing. It is also questionable that this act of treachery by a so-called clergyman is often ignited during festive periods. This evolving trend and targeted strategy by renowned religious leaders to gain widespread publicity by abusing their platforms should stand condemned. For the umpteenth time, Bishop Mathew Kukah once again used his pulpit to meander into politics and fan the embers of division along ethno-religious lines. Under the auspices of goodwill messages, religious leaders issue statements embedded with false assumptions, inciteful connotations and inflammatory words.

A critical analysis of Kukah’s Easter message shows that though it started on a religious note, he dangerously delved into politics, targeting the present administration. This intentional tactic is devoid of any real intent to spread the lessons of the sacred sacrifice of bringing salvation to humankind significant to Easter. Rather, he inflamed the public using well known issues not caused by the Government. Not only did he condemn this administration of dividing citizens on the basis of ethnicity and religion, he claimed the government has slid into hibernation mode and that the country is broken. Kukah was only echoing his masters and those he serves as agent for. He knows them. Called for the need to reclaim the country from impeding plunge into anarchy is actually the voice of these masters. If Nigeria is truly broken as portrayed, Kukah and his likes would not write such messages from the comfort of their homes.

While security challenges continue to bedevil our dear country, it could have been worse if government and its institutions were not making decisive efforts to surmount them. Prior to the coming of this administration, Kukah would attest that many churches, mosques and religious houses were either bombed, shutdown or closed due to worsening security situation in the country. Kukah is not aware of security challenges in other parts of the world or Buhari caused them. Is Kukah unaware of this glaring truth? It is gradually dawning on the public that Kukah is a stooge that allows himself be exploited by the opposition so it is understandable that he is only doing his paymasters biddings. No wonder, he has never criticized Obasanjo or Jonathan in the PDP 16 years leadership.

Since this administration took over, all channels for siphoning funds in the name of religion and looting government coffers to bribe clerics were blocked thus Kukah’s many rantings and vituperations. A true cleric given to the cause of humanity would never or inflame his country to the brink of anarchy. Kukah and his likes continue to feed on issues of insecurity and destabilization to gain undue attention regardless of how negatively it impacts peaceful coexistence. Is it coincidental that the exact words uttered by Kukah in his message were recently expressed by the Sultan of Sokoto where they both claimed a government that fails to protect lives has no justification to be in power? How has Kukah used his platform in the promotion of cohesion. He was called by God to lead and to build people’s faith rightly. So, he must eschew sentiments and personal interest and simply discharge his duty more responsibly.

It is unfortunate that at a time other Bishops and men of God are choosing to preach unity, peaceful coexistence, tolerance, hope, salvation and forgiveness in the spirit of easter on their platforms, Kukah chose to be divisive and political. In a message that should be filled with unifying words especially at a time when the country needs it most, he once again proved right the assertion that his motives are ulterior. Had Kukah taken a cue from the Pope’s Easter address which implored for peace, his goodwill message could have been tailored differently and positively.

 Gyang is  a public affairs analyst and lives in Jos, Plateau State


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