Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice: A Sponsored Bigot And Extremist On A Diversionary Mission

Two things will actually necessitate my subtle reaction to the sponsored bigot and extremist, Abdulahi O. Haruna Haruspice, whose publication titled “Oyeniyi Iwakun; The Liar in The Punch Newspaper”, I read on his facebook wall and subsequently on the Leadership Newspaper of Friday, 27th May, 2022.

First is the need to alert our teeming readers and Nigerians who may not be conscious of the intention and mission of Abdullahi vis-a-vis the fabricated falsehood and deficiency in the premise, ground and conclusion of his ill-conceived and poorly packaged publication aimed at scheming some damage control by those my studentship renouncement decision hits so hard.

Second is to educate the public that Abdulahi Haruna lacks the authority or locus standi to pass a judgement or invalidate my claims cum experience during my academic adventure to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

His misfire, vetuperation, lamentation and outburst that are obviously reflective in his narratives in the disjointed publication may either be due to his poor reading ability or his inability to properly digest and interpret the content of my interview with the Punch Newspaper (if that is the case , he needs to approach a rational and objective reader who can properly construe and dissect all I have said in the interview to him). His deliberate antics of gross misrepresentation, misconception and his mischievously anachronistic dispositions is a testimonial that indicates his bold admiration of the killers.

That’s why he tend to paint a picture that my action is targeted at ABU, Zaria. (Far from it). I am angry at the mob action and jungle justice against the late Deborah by her classmates and like I mentioned in the interview, I would have done the same to a Muslim, Traditionalist , Pagan, Atheist, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, or any human being irrespective of their religious, ethnic, tribal, political and social inclination.

His claim that he has exhaustive knowledge of all activities cum happenings on ABU campus and its environment since the school was founded is utopian and deficient in logic. It can never be true.

Hence, his adoption of diversionary strategy to malign, abuse and insult my person with a view to dodging the focal point here which is: “The Unjust Murder of Deborah Samuel by her classmates in a broad daylight”.

A conscious observer will actually realize that his tone and narratives in the publication further justifies my claim of extreme intolerance and victimization of people with dissenting opinion and those who do not subscribe to their tribal, religious and ethnic biases by his likes.

Abdullahi Haruna is actually a typical example of those educated illiterates flooding the corridors of the regimented academic environments in Nigeria who deliberately twist situations and people’s opinion to suit their parochial belief as the case is with some religious, traditional and political leaders who were recently justifying the action of late Deborah’s murderers instead of condemning it.

If he was at Sokoto during the incident, Abdullahi would either have gladly joined the killers of Deborah or supervised the action and hailed them when the deed was done like he is doing now.

Again, if Abdullahi is opportuned to see me physically in Zaria, he and his cohorts would not have hesitated to give me the “Deborah kind of treatment” after he must have accused me of blasphemy as he is now doing on the Social and Conventional media.
Mobilizing or instigating irrational mob against whoever they have ill feelings for or disagree with is their norm.

When George Flyod was killed by racist corp, the whole world including whites and blacks rose up to condemn the act. They protested via every legitimate ways possible to let the world know of their displeasure and disapproval of such inhuman act.

Rather than seeing the significance of my action which is to condemn in totality the incessant mob action, religious cum tribal intolerance, orchestrated insecurity, victimization and uncurtailed religious killings as it is in the case of Deborah Samuel, Abdullahi decided to openly show solidarity to his fellow extremists via the subscription, endorsement and approval of it.

More worrisome is the fact that, the time Abdullahi used in writing this blackmail against me all because of my disapproval of brutal killings could have been more profitably maximized in condemning the killing of Deborah or devoted at sensitizing the bloodthirsty killers in his environment so that this madness can stop in our country.

Again, I challenge Abdullahi Haruna to come out with facts, if his malicious claims about me is true. He is obviously on a sinister motive and his sponsors only tend to achieve a diversion from the main issue.

However, I am not shocked at his twist and I understand his pains too because himself and Deborah’s killers are birds of a feather.

So many students of southern Nigeria extraction, non-religious people and non-indigenes who are resident in the core North have similar experience with mine and can attest to all I have said in my interview. So, this damage control Abdullahi is sent to do is a failed mission already, because Truth is Truth and the Truth is constant.

He should go and check my records , I have said a little about myself both as a political Science undergraduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun State and my PG adventure to ABU, Zaria. I am not an average student and I think I owe him no explanation on that since he already chose to be mishievous.

Methinks, he should rather join us in this clamor for justice for Deborah and let’s sanitize our country together rather than evoking parochial sensitivity or this unprofitable pursuit of blackmail.

Conclusively, let me au-fait him again that I am a consistent human rights crusader and my humanitarian disposition can never be compromised.

I have taken a decision and my voice is loud and clear enough.


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