How to Create a Motivating & Encouraging Work Environment?

A motivating work environment will allow all employees to perform their job and responsibilities in a better way. Most employees would stay motivated during their first six months or so on a job but with time, their initial enthusiasm fades away and they start to get lazy. As an employer, it is your duty to create a work environment where all the employees are motivated and encouraged to perform their job. So, here are some tips for employers to Create a Motivating & Encouraging Work Environment:

1. Assign Tasks That Are Beneficial To The Company

Every employee wants to feel valued and wants to make a difference at the office with their job. If an employee feels like that his/her job isn’t worth much and isn’t contributing anything to the company then he/she will be demotivated but as an employer, it is your job that you ensure all of your employees that their tasks have a direct contribution to the success of the company and you should also assign such tasks to your employees that directly benefit the company.

You should take some time and strategically create tasks that will directly benefit the company and it will also motivate your employees to give their best as it will have a major contribution to the overall success of the company.

2. Show Appreciation

Showing your appreciation for your employees will give them a confidence boost and they will start to work with more enthusiasm to help the company. Appreciation can be as simple as a good job or nice work. It won’t mean much to you but for your employees, it would give them a huge confidence boost. Whenever you feel impressed by any of your employee’s work then take a few moments out of your routine, visit them personally, and let them know that you notice their work and they did it splendidly. Visiting your employees personally instead of calling them to your office has a bigger impact.

For instance, if you see that an employee is working hard to work on a project that could increase your company’s profits and even taking overtime then you should appreciate him, praise him, and let him know how much his hard work means to the company. It will keep the employee motivated to do the same task with even more enthusiasm.

3. Hire Top Performers

Hiring Top Performers can be very beneficial for your office and it will keep everyone else in the office motivated. A study has shown that employees feel that if they are working with a low performer or underperformer then their productivity level is decreased whereas, working with a top performer helps increase their productivity too.

For example, if some employees in your office are habitually absent and consistent complainers, showing no desire to contribute anything to the company’s success then this unmotivating attitude of their can also have a negative impact on others and when they will see that no actions are being taken against them then they will also start to behave the same.

If there are top performers in your office who are self-motivated then other employees who are underperformers will feed off their motivation, attitude, and performance. Hiring top performers will create a stimulating atmosphere in your office.

4. Allow Your Employees To Have Breaks

Allowing your employees to have breaks can also help create a motivating environment in the office. No one can work straight for 8-10 hours on a daily basis. Working for such long hours every day can tire you out and you soon start to lose the motivation to do your job and as a result, when employees work for such long hours without any break then they get demotivated.

Allow your employees to have small work breaks during which they can refresh themselves. Some people can go grab a bite during that, some can enjoy music, others can play their favorite games that can help them relax such as Words With Friends, Crosswords, Solitaire, Scrabble Word Finder, etc. This will allow the employees to get refreshed and stay motivated to keep working.

5. Display Confidence In Your Employees

You should always let your employees know that you count on them and trust them to make the right decision that will be beneficial for your company. You should display confidence in your employees and let them be creative in what you are doing without giving them specific instructions on how to do their job. If you are telling them that you should do this and not do this then you are letting them know in an unsaid manner that you don’t have confidence in them.

For instance, you assign a task to one of your employees but you notice that the employee is not able to perform to the best of his abilities. Instead of taking the task from him and assigning it to someone else, you should allow him to be creative and offer him some flexibility. In this way, the employee will attempt to go above and beyond his limits to complete the task.

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