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Do you need SMS provider in Nigeria?

Years ago people used owls and eagles to deliver their messages. Telegraphs, Telegrams and Telephones replaced them. Soon it was the age of cell phones. Before we could get a grasp of what the cell phone was, we were bombarded with SMS (Short Messaging Service). Well, you know how SMS works and how it can efficiently pass your message to people. What if you have to send SMS (Short Messaging Service) to hundred and thousands of targeted Nigerians at once? This is where we ( come into the picture.

BetaSMS, one of the most hi-tech, customer friendly and personalized mobile marketing company from the beautiful realms of West Africa, can hand you over a revolution. A game changing revolution that can equip you with the supreme power of sending and handling bulk i.e. massive quantities of messages (Voice or SMS) to targeted audience from all works of life in Nigeria.

To be precise, BetaSMS allows you to seamlessly handle bulk quantities of Short Messaging Service (text and Voice) whenever and wherever you need them to your benefit; especially if you need a database of people that might be interested in your service or product.

BetaSMS uses one of the finest interfaces in the world to meet your own messaging demands and needs. So are ready to key-in your first bulk voice and text message campaign?

There are many online messaging services but none is as perfect and efficient as Our email and message handling solutions are for you and we are happy about the fact that we can serve you. Harassing your keypad just because you aren’t getting the best out of your existing platform? Well drop in on BetaSMS and feel the difference. A difference in technology. A difference in time. A difference in age, the age of Bulk Short Messaging Services.

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