Ladies: How to ensure football season doesn’t ruin your relationship

COUPLE-FIGHTING- relationship

In case you did not know, football is a way of life for most men, and they follow the game season in, season out.

Another piece of information for the uninitiated women reading this, a football season has 38 games at least, and depending on some other factors, that could rise to 60 games or thereabouts.

So you can expect a time-span of 9/10 months within which you and football will be fighting for your partner’s attention at different times.

There is actually a football season going on at the moment of writing this article, and it’s only three months old now.

To ensure that you do not lose your relationship because of this, these are the things to do:



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Try to get in the spirit

It is understandable that you have no interest in this game and it’s fine. But think of it this way, would you rather go into the other room every time a match begins, or would you try to sit with him and try to see what make this thing interesting to him once in a while?

Football is an amazing game by the way, and who knows, you just might become a fan too!

This is a plus for you, as this one more thing will unite you both. [Just make sure you support his club.]

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