Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala escalated between Tobi and Cee-C, virginity claim causes controversy


Erstwhile lover inside Big Brother Naija 2018 are currently in war. Cee-C has challenged Tobi Bakre after calling him a coward and full of shit.

An argument ensued between the duo moments after the Saturday Night Party, where DJ Jimmy Jatt thrilled fellow housemates to a night of fun. Tobi had avoided Cee-C at the party.

Tobi was captured in a conversation with Teddy A. Cee-C was the subject of the discussion as Tobi made Teddy A understand that he has gotten over her, for good. Teddy A who still believed love will yet blossom between the duo, played advocacy.

It so happened that Cee-C was within earshot of the conversation as she brought news that Rico Swavey was throwing up and needed attention, intending to lure Teddy away from Tobi’s discussion.

Tobi told Teddy A to disregard Cee-C as Rico will be fine, since it wasn’t more than throwing up after downing liquor at the party.

Cee-C who was cleaning up after Rico became a bit enraged with Tobi’s discussion and stood up to challenge him, calling him unprintable names.

Cee-C called Tobi a gossip who was having “evil conversations” and seeking mass pity from the housemates. She also told him she regretted their meeting and wished they never exchanged words.

She tagged him a coward after he refused to exchange words with her and said he was “full of shit.” She also said he is “public property” and cannot handle the whole of her

“Tobi, if you can’t talk to me and keep going behind my back to spread rumours about me, then you are a coward. You are not man enough Tobi, you can’t handle this, Cee-C pointed to herself.

“Tobi, you are public property. This is the Cee-C you have been talking about all week; I am here standing in front of you. Every time you call people together, you are always talking about me. If you can’t say it, then they are all lies,” Cee-C stepped up her challenge.

TeddyA who was an onlooker in the argument quickly took his leave not without admiring the love both couples had for each other.

However, in Tobi’s opinion, the ship has sailed.

“This ship has sailed,” he said to Cee-C. “You are only succeeding in making a fool out of yourself,” he retorted.

‘Ogun’ will kill Cee-C – Tobi

During the heated argument with Cee-c and Teddy A, Tobi cursed fellow housemate, Cee-C, Tobi said ‘Ogun’ will kill Cee-C for lying that she never touched his manhood while they were in bed.

Ogun is believed to be a warrior and a powerful spirit of iron in Yoruba land.

According to Tobi, “Ogun will kill you, what are you ‘forming’ like. You held my manhood and now pretending as if you never did it. I can’t take this, you can’t look at my face and lie. You are a stupid liar,” he said.

Recall that Tobi has said marrying Cee-c will amount to suicide.

What I would have done to Tobi outside the show – Cee-c

Housemate in the ongoing ‘Double Wahala’ edition of Big Brother Naija 2018, Cee-c, has said that she would have dealt with Tobi in a totally different manner if they were in the real world.

Cee-c who has been angry that Tobi, who is also her romantic partner because he is acting strange was seen telling other housemates that “had this happened outside the show, Tobi wouldn’t have slept this night.”

“I’m not joking. I don’t know what to do again. This is a kind of situation you involve your father to help you talk to your boyfriend even though both of you are not married.

“Had it been that this happened outside the show, I mean in the real world, I would have dragged out of sleep this night and beat the hell out of him.

“Had it been in the outside world, I wouldn’t have allowed Tobi sleep tonight. The way we settle this would have been totally different. But this is a different world. I don’t have any reason to fight.”

Controversies over Cee-C’s virginity claims

During a heated conversation between house BBN housemates, CeeC and Tobi, Ceec opened up to Teddy A that she is still a virgin.

Shortly after her claim, screenshots of chat between Ceec’s alleged ex boyfriend and his friend saying that Ceec is not a virgin goes viral

Below is the chat between an alleged ex of Ceec and his friend claiming that CeeC is not a virgin like she claimed. Read the chat below.



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