Photo: APC Councilor commissions windows in Ogun state

A Councillor in Ogun State, Kazeem Ololade (APC), commissioned newly installed windows provided by him at the Araya Health Centre in Odo Esa, Ogun State.

According to the councillor, Kazeem Ololade, the windows would help in cross ventilation. The photo was shared on Facebook by Adetilewa Adetomiwa.

TF? Councillor in Ogun state commissions newly installed windows (photo)




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  1. Mike Ovayero says

    Hey, window???

  2. Emmanuel Obaje says

    wow congrates,bunch of lunatics

  3. Olufemi Adewale Ogunmayin says

    soon they will commission mosquitos

  4. Saliu Alimi says

    I cant believe it . It’s insane if true

  5. فاطمة الوهيبي says

    I can’t believe u again and again

  6. Shaikh Younuz Tawhid says

    I dey laff here ooooo…….but at least sombori don do sntn na……….Eelo ni Salary e self?……

  7. Love Boniface says

    Hahaha, I no fit laugh, na by force to commission something?

  8. Joan Popo says

    APC ,Abnormal People Congress, so is not strange

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