I Have Slept With 19 Men And I’m Just 27 – Nigerian ladies reveal their body count

Two young ladies have opened up on the numerous bed partners they have had over the years before they turned a new leaf.

Nigerian psychologist, and relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the stories of two different ladies who have slept with numerous men.

The two women are hoping their past will not militate against their chances of having happy marriages in life.

Read the two accounts below:

Read the second account below:




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  1. Umaru Abbas says

    19 men na him you come social media, I dont see 17 years where don lost count only one year.

  2. Mhiz Cynthia says

    You be virgin be dat Na
    Good gal

    1. Oryiman Mgbanyi says

      #Cynthia. welldone

  3. Chris Anthony says

    You never do anything now

  4. Olatunde Owoyele says

    More men are since coming

  5. Ayam Leksykay Beats says

    You still dey learn work…….. Some can’t even count

  6. Seyifunmi Akinmusere says

    You are a learner

  7. Inimbakara Okon says

    An achievement in ur view abi?

  8. Mhiz Cynthia says

    Some 16 year for my area done do more than 50

    1. Excellent Jay X Odogwu says

      Am suspecting you oo…

  9. Ugochukwu Oguejiofor says

    And how many awards have u collected for that?
    Receive sense Ijn

  10. Salau Akinwunmi says


  11. Ken Omali says

    U never start be that, u still be apprentice.

  12. James Nicolas says

    Just 19? When some 20yrs old girls have slept with over 30 or 40 men.
    Babe you’re a wife material

  13. Auwal A Square says

    U still got alot to learn

  14. If this true you are still a virgin.

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