MKO ABIOLA: Buhari can’t honor ‘Dead man’ GCFR — Dino Melaye

”A dead man is not a citizen of Nigeria” Dino Melaye faults President Buhari honoring MKO Abiola with GCFR title.


Embattled senator Dino Melaye says President Buhari cannot posthumously award MKO Abiola with the GCFR title because the acclaimed June 12 1993 election winner is dead and therefore no longer a citizen of Nigeria.

Speaking on the floor of the senate today, Dino said

“I am a democrat; I believe very sincerely that Chief M.K.O Abiola deserve even more than the President has pronounced because he is a true patriot, philanthropist and should be sole decorated. But Mr. President, we are governed in the country by the constitution and extant laws.

No matter how beautiful a situation is, the law of the land remains the law of the land. Section (2) says ‘a person shall be eligible for appointment to any rank or holder unless he is a citizen of Nigeria. A dead man is not a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’. We should not be emotional about this.

The law remains the law. 3(2) subject to the next notice, ‘A person shall be appointed to a particular rank of an order when the President receives him in person’. Mr. President, they said ‘in person’. For us to do what we are supposed to do, we would have to amend the provisions of this Act because anything we need to do, we have to do in accordance with the provisions of the law.”

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  1. Ben Gabriel says

    Dino is right though

    1. Surajo Bashir says

      No he is wrong. There is no section of our constitution tht says d dead ones r not Nigerians or d dead once can not b honoured, otherwise y then do we honour fallen heroes who paid d ultimate price in our defence?. By d time MKO was fighting 2 liberate this country frm d grip of military dictatorship, Dino probably couldn’t differentiate his left frm right. D podium he stands 2 speak 2day as a senator of d federal republic of Nigeria, was a d blood, sweat n tears of pple like MKO. If MKO hadn’t struggle 2 rid Nigeria of a devastating grip of d military, dino would not b a senator 2day. So he should b thankful 2 Buhari u:

  2. Kings Silvas says

    Enemy of progress

  3. Henry Ikheloa says

    That is his opinion. Criminals don’t have right to be heard. He should hide his head in shame.

    1. Onyema Samson Thomas says

      He should hide his face in which shame?what has he stole?he is far better than u

    2. Henry Ikheloa says

      Who is Onyema Samson Thomas? Probably a thug. Go get educated first.

  4. Emily Egogo says

    who was d military personel dt killed dis man in jail???is it not d same buhari nd co?

    1. Rotini Milano says

      You are highly unintelligent

    2. Emily Egogo says

      ok are u done?

    3. Luqman Muhammed Onuh says

      Empty brain, go and study your current affairs.

  5. Sikiru Ogundare says

    Geography student suddenly turned to science student

  6. Rotini Milano says

    God will punish that your dirty stinking mouth Dino!!!!enemy of democracy like you,non felon,son of a slave and a scavenger looking for what to prey on.You are a criminal and you. You can’t Be heard!!!!period

  7. Simon Ishaku says

    Same here i see no sense in honouring a dead man too. To an extend SDM is absolutely correct.

    1. Odulaja Oluwakemi Ayoka says

      Someone dat gave his life for Demoncracy does not worth it? Don’t be self centered

    2. Simon Ishaku says

      His an hero of this great nation Nigeria a day should be set aside for him to be remembered not trying to buy the southwest votes by honouring a dead person

  8. Odulaja Oluwakemi Ayoka says

    U guys knows dat DINO is not alright frm day one he is a pretender killing Nig softly but my pple do praise him dat he is Vibrant among d senator

  9. God'schild Ede Sunday says

    Nigerian’s can never be satisfy with anything, I comment my reserve.

  10. Ajibola Saheed says

    Animal in human skin

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