Pastor Embraces Islam After “Allah Appeared To Him In A Dream” (Video)

An Ebonyi State Pastor has dropped some shocking confession, as he converted to Islam following his encounter with Allah in his dream.

According to the Ebonyi State Pastor who disclosed that his father is the district superintendent of a popular church in Abuja and that the former Governor of Ebonyi State, Dr. Sam Egwu is his uncle, when people hear that someone is converting to Islam, they feel it is because of money.

The Pastor who spoke in the gathering of Muslims, said he was one of those who hated Allah, but after his encounter of Allah in a dream, he has decided to embrace Islam.

Here is the video below;

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  1. Mary Ideh says

    Salvation is personal if d news is not fake

  2. Kashim Babagana says

    non is capable of seeing Allah…
    u should know what you’re saying.

  3. Musa Stone Bridge Abdullahi says


  4. Dagunduro Samuel says

    Religion is a free will.Anyway Jesus Christ is the way

  5. عبدالسلم عمر says


  6. Chuksemy Augustine Onyemanso says

    he was promised 72 virgins

  7. Mark Innocent Okwunwanne says

    Big fake

  8. Afolabi Ismail Adewale says

    useless pastor talk another thing no eyes can see (HIM) ALLAH

  9. Buhari David says

    Big fake Allah cant appear to pastor

  10. Emmanuel Ozor says

    Pastor who told u the man is a pastor may be money is nt coming Stpid man

  11. Daniel Nlemchi Igwe says

    Take lanji herbal clinser you will see clear OK.

  12. Vincent Paul Ikechukwu says

    He is not a pastor and secondly it is demon that appeared to him in that dream.

  13. Vincent Paul Ikechukwu says

    He is very very fake

  14. Angel Onyenachi says

    Fake news

  15. Ukie Emmanuel says

    Hahaha,,,it’s gonna be like hey pastor do you know me,I am Allah and I wanted you to marry four wifes kill people and make heaven then fuck all the virgins you want..easy eehh.really! Am in bro…so Stupid.

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