7 types of women who would likely cheat on their partners

If she has a number of close male friends, and a significantly higher libido than yours, she might be tempted to cheat

a woman is likely to cheat if her partner is not as affectionate as he should be

5. She has lots of close male friends

This is not categorically saying every woman with male friends will cheat. However, no matter how low or minute, the possibility is there that one thing might somehow, someday lead to another.
Remember, they’re pretty close, and it doesn’t take a lot these days before ‘a shoulder to lie on’ becomes a ‘d–k to ride on.’
playIf she is addicted to sex or has a very high libido, she could fall into a temptation to cheat (My Ghana Online)

6. She has a high libido

Women who have significantly higher libidos than their partners are vulnerable to sexual frustration and it is clear to see why they might give in to the temptation of getting it from somewhere else.
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    d slay mama and baby mama are in a better position toxplain

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