7 types of women who would likely cheat on their partners

If she has a number of close male friends, and a significantly higher libido than yours, she might be tempted to cheat

a woman is likely to cheat if her partner is not as affectionate as he should be

How does one spot a cheating partner, or the one most likely to cheat?

There is clearly no definitive trick to achieving this, and it could actually be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.
This article is not aimed at sidelining one gender from the other as there is also an article on the male folks “the types of men who will probably cheat on their partners.”
So in this post we examine the types of women who are likely to cheat on their boyfriends/husbands [For the sake of balance and equity.]

1. She’s been cheated on

In an article we published a while back, people were said to sometimes cheat in revenge.
This happens when a woman has been cheated on, and instead of leaving the relationship or communicating her annoyance at her partner’s indiscretion, she chooses to sleep with another person or other people in revenge.

Okafor's Law: Myth or reality?play

Okafor’s Law: Myth or reality?


2. She once cheated and got away with it

As the saying goes, “once a cheat, [maybe] always a cheat.”
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