7 Career Conversations Good Bosses Have With Their Employees on a Regular Basis You Should Know Today

as someone on the other end of this communication (or lack thereof), making an effort can be the difference between a hard-working and engaged superstar and someone who’s just collecting a paycheck.

2. “How Can I Help?”

Delegating and knowing when to step aside are parts of being a good boss, but that doesn’t mean you leave your employees in the dust to fend for themselves. Make sure you’re checking in to see if they need assistance or even just an ear to bounce something off of—especially since they may be afraid to ask for it.

This goes double for any manager who’s always in meetings or sits far away from their team. Whether you mean it or not, this lack of a presence can translate into “I don’t care” or “I don’t have time for your problems.”

Just asking this question can help make sure that’s not the message your team is getting.




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