5 Homemade Remedies That Will Give You The Pink Lips You Have Always Desired

Take a pinch of sugar in a bowl and add few drops of olive oil.Mix it properly.Gently rub the mixture on your lips for 1 minute.Rinse it off with cold water.

3. Ice Massage

Take some ice cubes and wrap in a soft cloth and gently massage to your lips in a circular motion.This revitalizes your lips, keeps it fresh and maintains water balance.

4. Honey massage


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Take a drop of honey on your fingertips and slowly massage on the lips in a circular motion.Massage for 5 minutes and then wash your lips with lukewarm water. Honey acts as an excellent natural moisturizer.It soothes and maintains the pinkness of your lips.

5. Proper self-care

While you are working towards using natural products and these simple tips to get you lips to that pink and soft state, maintain proper self-care. Be careful when you take hot and cold liquids as they can burn your lips too. Also remember to take plenty of water, stop smoking and eat fruits.

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