5 things rich people do that poor people don’t do

5 things rich people do that poor people don't do

According to Oxfam report in 2015, the richest 1% of the world currently control 48% of the world’s wealth.

2. The rich associates with positive successful people

Rich people believe that attitude is everything. They believe if they hang out with negative people who complain a lot about the government, the economy and everything else, they might start doing the same.

This is why most rich people are always in the company of their fellow rich men and women, who are always giving them something positive to think about money-wise.

A gathering of the poor will most likely discuss the government policies, the latest crime and scandal with so much negative energy.

3. The rich grow bigger than their problems

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When a poor man has a problem, he’ll first attribute to a spiritual attack from his village people. He’ll think about bad luck and how someone somewhere has been blocking his chances of growing big. After complaining, he’ll begin to look for solutions where there is none.

However, when the rich have a problem, they might scratch their head for a little while, but they won’t give up. They look for practical solutions to their problem and make sure the problem is solved.




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