“Small girl, big God” Mercy Aigbe shows off the interior decor of her new house


Mercy Aigbe keeps on winning as she recently acquired a mansion and took to social media to share the good news.

“It’s the Lord’s doing and it’s beautiful in my sight! Few months after that cake gift, I bought a beautiful home for myself and my kids in a choice area in Lagos!!!!!!!! Say hello to the new LANDLADY…..” she captioned one of the photos

The actress also shared a photo to show off the interior decoration. She captioned the photo:

Work in progress ….. we ain’t done yet but @decorbyaddeyholar already gat my interior popping ❤️❤️❤️❤️



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  1. Ibidun Ojebisi Awoyemi says

    Congratulations dear

  2. Opeyemi Christiana says

    Must you publicised all your doings? Don’t you have any secret atall? You celebrities always alerts the journalist to spreads different rumours against you.

  3. Bukky Aluko says

    Madam what next I will expecting? Sometimes I cried bcs all will think about is wealth, forgetting that they will take us out from that house and take us to a grave where the won’t toilet,kitchen, interior or anything that what you EV done will stand don’t forget the day and take things easy keep somethings to your self

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