LADIES: 6 things you are doing that push men away.

Good is helping women get inside the minds of men in his book The Man Code: A Woman’s Guide to Cracking the Tough Guy.

2. You have an overwrought sense of urgency.

“Man Code” men liken romance to playing poker. While men pay attention to overall themes, women tend to sweat the small stuff. Good wants women to know that ulterior motives aren’t a Man Code man thing to play at, if he’s out late with his friends, he’s just out late with his friends.

3. You have sex on the first date.

Unfortunate but true, the “Man Code” man is chivalrous but also “red-blooded and carnal” like most guys. If a woman offers sex on the first date, any man will probably take her up on that. A woman who can walk away with a goodnight kiss and leave the man guessing appeals much more to men. They like the thrill of a chase.




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