What You Should Know About Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

Flowers are also great because you can easily cater to your receiver

Giving flowers to someone to show appreciation and thoughtfulness has been a tradition for as long as some of us can remember. It’s thoughtful, simple and can really cater to any occasion. There are funeral arrangements, birthday arrangements, new baby arrangements – you name the occasion, there’s probably a flower arrangement out there for it. If not, let your creative juices flow.

Flowers are also great because you can easily cater to your receiver. If your special someone loves sunflowers, you can go out and buy a fresh bunch. Maybe they love white tulips. Whatever it is they like, you have the creative freedom to create whatever comes from your heart.


Even though giving the gift of flowers has received some flak over the years because some feel it’s a waste of money, it’s still stood its ground in the gift-giving world. Like the power of a handwritten note –receiving flowers is just one of those things that shows someone you really care.


There’s an art when it comes to giving the right flowers for the right occasion. Just because your significant other loves red roses don’t mean it will be appropriate for every occasion. Read on to find out what you should know about giving flowers to your girlfriend, including when and when not to.




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Flowers are an anniversary essential for most couples. No matter how many years you give them to signify another year spent together, it never seems to get old. It makes your girlfriend feel special, whether you realize it or not. Especially if you’re someone who isn’t a hopeless romantic and has trouble expressing your feelings, flowers never fail. Let them do it for you.


Keep it fresh by coming up with different arrangements each year. Don’t do the same red roses from the flower section at Trader Joes every year. Put some thought into it, and head over to a local florist where you can create your own special arrangement for your loved one. Different flowers signify different things, and your florist can help you get across exactly what you want to say.

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