What You Should Know About Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

Flowers are also great because you can easily cater to your receiver

Other Special Occasions

Specials occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day usually welcome a special flower delivery for your loved one. Again, even if you do it annually and they may expect it, they’ll still cherish the thought you put into it. Even if your significant other says they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, don’t take that to heart. They really do want flowers and chocolate, they just don’t want to say it.


Valentine’s Day is the ultimate flower giving day across the world, so don’t be the only one who doesn’t participate. Be unique when you create your arrangement. While red roses are romantic and never fail, take a risk and consider other popular flowers for Valentine’s Day, like carnations, lilies, Alstroemeria or tulips. Add a handwritten note to your creation and steal your loved one’s heart all over again.


The power of the hand-written note has also stood the test of time, much like flowers. The two really go together when it comes down to it. Do one – that’s great. Do both, and you’ve outdone yourself. It’s easy in today’s world to forget about handwritten notes when there’s so much technology that does things for you. However, using your own handwriting to write out a message is personable and more powerful than a typed-up message from your florist. Add a handwritten note, and show you care.




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