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Dabota Lawson receives N1,000,000 and a fee spa date from Pela after she complained she was ill

Dabota Lawson was gifted 1 million Naira and a free spa date by Pela Tonye Okiemute after she complained to him that she was feeling ill.

Dabota shared a screenshot of the chat between her and the skin care specialist. She also shared a screenshot of the bank alert she got after the 1 million was paid into her account.

She wrote:

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HOW GOD BLESSED ME WITH N1,000,000 this afternoon.
I told @pelsinternational that I was feeling sick . In the evening I sent for malaria meds and started taking it . Today we had this convo {swipe left} after that {swipe again } he sent me N1,000,000 .
Guys I’m feeling a bit better now
Thank you for being a wonderful brother ,
You contribute to and support every area of my life .
Priceless friendship . Not the ones that encourage you to drink and party with them , gossip senselessly, want you to watch them live the good life but when you’re in need can never be there for you .
I love you Pela , I appreciate you. God bless you

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