2019: Buhari’s Certificate Saga, Unnessary Plot By PDP To Divert Attention From Issues — NDF

The National Democratic Front (NDF) has described the recent dust being raised on the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Certificate saga as “unnecessary and a needless campaign of calumny” by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to divert attention from the issues affecting the country.

In a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja, NDF national president, Comrade Audu Auwulu said his organisation is not surprised that instead of addressing any of the numerous challenges affecting the country, the opposition party is making attempt to trivialize the presidential contest.

Auwulu berated the opposition party, saying it clearly does not understand the enormity of the presidential poll, and is only trying to distract Nigerians from the achievements the country has recorded under Buhari’s administration.

According to him, the certificate saga is already a rested issue and will not be a deciding factor in 2019 election, stressing that it is sad that the PDP could not come up with something new and substantial to make the discourse about the elections issues based.

He said for the records, President Buhari sat for the university of Cambridge/WAEC examination where he passed the examination in the second division in 1961, with registration number: 8280002 amongst other notable Nigerians like former Chief of Staff at Supreme Court, Shehu Musa Yar’adua and a former President of Court of Appeal and many others from the Provincial Secondary School, Kastina.

He said besides, the constitution is very clear on the educational requirement for vying for office of the President.

He explained that instead of being bogged down on a matter that has no bearing on how Nigerians will vote in next year’s elections, the Democratic Front proposes that the electorates should rather focus on asking pertinent questions.

According to him, if there is anyone who is capable of presiding over the affairs of the country at this point in time it is president Buhari

He stated, “NDF wants to hear real issues being discussed as it has long been settled that PMB has both his WAEC and other higher qualifications to be President of Nigeria. We would rather ask the PDP some pertinent questions.

According to him some of the questions Nigerians need to ask is what would happen if Nigerians allow known looters back into power after enduring the pains of reforms for almost four years?

“If President Buhari can achieve the much he did in under four years in spite of the damage done to the country by the PDP how much more will he achieve in his second term after setting the foundation for prosperity in the first tenure?

“Can a man like Atiku Abubakar who is insincere in declaring his income be trusted to correctly tell Nigerians how much the country is earning?”

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“As far as we are concerned, trying to renew controversies over President Buhari’s academic qualification is a dead issue and a needless distraction. Our hope is that they will learn like other patriotic Nigerians to move forward. It is a pity that rather than galvanizing Nigerians to ask probing questions from those aspiring to lead, the opposition is interested in keeping people entertained and distracted over complete non issues.




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  1. Ben Gabriel says

    It wasn’t unnecessary attention when APC went to court to stop Adeleke, now it won’t be unnecessary asking Buhari to provide his certificate.

  2. Ikalama Prince says

    It is not unnecessary attention, please submit or provide your certificate

  3. Emmanuel Alechenu says

    We know the truth and they are saying the truth

  4. Emmanuel Mani says

    The plot is reasonable. Provide the certificate let’s move forward, simple

  5. Kola Fatanmi Kollywood says

    My friend called Osama bin Laden’s brother, he expected me to get angry, but to his surprise, I wasn’t angry, he then called me Satan’s brother, to his surprise,I just laughed. until he called me Buhari’s relative,that was where he saw the bad side of me.

  6. Blaise Okwara says

    Buhari has no certificate to present he should resign honorably or INEC should disqualify him as the law stipulates he claims to be Mr integrity and corruption fighter this is worst corruption and lack of integrity issue in the history of Nigeria ?? Buhari should resign we have millions of educated capable hands that can take our economy to greater heights fight corruption and insecurity

  7. Dine Gbara says

    God punish u pple. Simple show us ur certificate is now a problem abi? Thunder fire ? una

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