Female Colonel slaps policeman in Lagos for calling her a prostitute

A female colonel reportedly slapped a policeman who called her a prostitute, while on a road trip with her boyfriend in Lagos.

Twitter user @ucheodege who shared the story of the incident involving the policeman and the female colonel wrote;

Just Now: Monday Nov 12th, 10.45am A group of police stopped a guy with his girl friend. Demanded for identification. The policeman inside d car was already telling others that the girl can never have identity as “she is an ashawo”. The lady was very silent.

I went closer to talk to the police. I told him I know of someone who has been working hard to ensure police is reformed. The policeman asked, “is it SEGA @segalink ? The lady said “wait it’s not yet Sega issue, I can handle it”

I immediately realized that both the police and the lady know @segalink . The next I saw was a HOT slap on the policeman’s face. She now identified as a Colonel. Now the policemen are apologizing for their loud mouth.

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  1. That is good for the stupid police

  2. Happy Best says

    Yes that’s right

  3. Don Jee Donna says

    He is correct prostitutes every were in Nigeria

  4. Isaiah Ifeanyi Nneji says

    Power pass power,and besides, he is very wrong for calling her such name even a female civilian who have the courage can do so too,slap hell out of the fool.

  5. Oka Michael says

    Defense mechanism.

  6. Glory Jimmy Effe says

    He deserved more slaps

  7. Don Jee Donna says

    She does that for promotions

  8. Prince TheSpectacular says

    Zoo army and police.

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