Victim of Child labour gets help, sponsor from a concerned Nigerian

A caring woman offers to sponsor education of young boy spotted at construction site after a photo of him carrying a heavy bucket of sand at a construction site went viral

Many people have reacted to the photo of a young boy bing used as a laborer on a construction site which they claim depicts how poverty in the country drives child labour.

The little boy pictured during work in a construction site

The effects of poverty in any country can be measured with the well-being of it’s children. Many believe that this young boy is a victim of the failed economy that is currently plaguing Nigeria.

The unidentified boy was pictured working on a construction site while carrying a heavy bucket of sand on his head. Some social media users have suggested that it might have been the decision of the boy to join in the work to be productive. While some have perceived it as plain wrong that a child will have to be exposed to such harsh conditions just to get food on the table.

On the bright side, the photo has stirred up conversations on social media, some of which capture dthe attention of a certain Twitter user Identified as Kembalo. On seeing the picture, she posted that people help her in locating the boy who she has offered to sponsor his education and ensure he is well taken care of.

The construction site

For some Nigerians, the photo is completely heart-breaking if it indeed means that the young boy is doing such to survive. One can commend his drive but in reality, no child should have to face such harsh conditions just to get bread.

Kembalo who has offered to sponsor the young boy if he is found, gained the praises and prayers of Nigerians who agree that he deserves to be in school and live a more respectable life.

Here’s how some Nigerians reacted to the photo below:

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