3 easy ways you can be caught lying on your CV

If you think lying on your CV could help you get the job fast, you’ll have to think again. Perhaps you’ve heard about job applicants who slightly exaggerate their CV and got away with it but eventually, their lies would come back to hurt them.

There is a reason why hiring managers conduct background checks on job applicants. In a country where getting a job is a serious struggle, lying on your CV will only ruin your chances of getting the job you want.

Here are three major ways employers can detect the lies in your CV.

1. Social Media Research

Don’t copy another person’s CV. Create yours.

This is the easiest way to expose fake I formation in a job applicant’s credentials. If you have social media account, it’s important the date and other basic information on those account match with the one in the CV you submit for a job application.

Employers know job candidates sometimes manipulate dates to cover up employment gap or a short period of work experience. They know this and that’s why the conduct social media research about job applicants. Sometimes, all they have to do is to google you and BOOM! Your lies are exposed.

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