3 signs you’re a toxic co-worker

If you’re the one everyone is avoiding to play or relate with in your workplace, you need to ask questions and understand why no one wants to get along with you.

If this is happening to you, it is probably because they find you too toxic to tolerate.

A toxic worker according to the Harvard Business School is someone who engages in behavior that is harmful to an organization’s property and people.

So, to be sure you’re not toxic, take some time to check your own behavior, if you find these three signs, you’ve got to work on yourself.

1. Being judgmental

Being judgmental makes you feel you’re better than everyone else.

Are you quick at judging others and look down on them when they make mistakes? If you always look for faults in everything your colleague do, you’ve got to fix that behavior by being less judgy and more helpful. Don’t just go to them to identify mistakes in what they do, and when you see a mistake in their work, politely offer to help, don’t roll your eyes feeling you know it all. Trust me, nobody likes to be given that I-too-know attitude.

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