7 work habits your boss will definitely love

Are you in your boss’s record book as a diligent employee? Can the boss vouch for you as a staff member who takes his work seriously and always beats deadlines? If you have never considered the questions, you’ve got to think about it now.

Everyone likes to be liked by the boss. When you work in an organization where your boss trusts and thinks highly of you, you tend to get happier and productive. Let’s just say you’ll love that job even if it’s demanding.

On the flip side, if your boss doesn’t give a hoot about you, the problem here might not be your boss. Your attitude to work might be the problem you need to work on.

Interestingly, there are some habits you can adopt to get better at what you do and earn your boss and colleagues’ respect. Check these out.

1.   Punctuality

 Your punctuality may get you a nice reputation as an employee. (executivegrapevine)

You probably have heard people saying punctuality is the soul of business. This is very true but that’s not all about it. You can also become your boss’s favorite if you’re always punctual. Every boss likes the employee that gets to work early and you can also be in his/her record book as a diligent staff member.

2.   Volunteering to help

 Make yourself more useful by volunteering to help others. 

Being the guy that always offers to help can also earn you some good impression at your workplace. I know you have your target to meet, but helping others makes you very useful among your colleagues. However, this doesn’t mean you should start doing eye-service, trying to render helps where none is needed. You know what I mean? Good!

3.   Being Accurate

 Get your work done like a pro.

If being accurate sounds obvious it’s because it’s highly expected of you as an employee. Your boss loves it when you consistently get your work done like a pro that you are.

4.   Communicating well

 Your communication skills matter in your career progress. (madamenoire)

Ability to communicate well is one of the key qualities employers look out for in job candidates. Your boss will definitely be happy to have someone with good communication skills in his team.

5.   Demonstrating commitment

 Show some levels of commitment to your work.

How invested are you in your work? Are you really committed to seeing the business grow and succeed or you just see your workplace as an establishment that pays your salary in return for spending eight hours in the office every week days?

To demonstrate your commitment, always try to come up with new, innovative strategies to grow the company. That alone can endear you to your boss.

6.   Following through

 Always make sure you hit your target, you’ll be happy you do it. (That Sister)

Every boss likes an employees who can deliver on projects, tasks and other priorities on time. This makes your boss to assign you some tasks and let you do it unsupervised. That means he/she believes you know what to do and when to do it.

7.   Being on the same page with your boss

 Understand what the boss wants.

Bosses love employees who take initiative to understand and prioritize their main concerns. They like those employees that follow instructions and get things done the way they want it to be done.

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