Man receives shocking news after having unprotected sex with a virgin girl

A Twitter user has told of the shocking news he received after having unprotected sex with a virgin. He said he didn’t use a protection while sleeping with the girl because she told him she was a virgin.

Then, days after their romp, the girl called him crying to inform him that she just found out she was born HIV positive.

See his post below;

I slept with this 2000 girl in December and didn’t use a protection, she was claiming she’s a virgin. Then a week later she called me crying saying, her mom just told her that “she’s HIV positive, she has been that way since from birth”

“Her mom have been hiding it from her and she has been taking pills everyday thinking its for asthma but then no they are ARVs. Her mom have been tempering with the packages since she’s rich.”

Now i’m scared to go test, i cant sleep at night, im not the same anymore, I’m depressed. And also I think she lied to me and knew she has been HIV positive and came up with that story.

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