Kenyans react to Vlogger Lisa Gaitho’s break-up with alleged 70-year Nigerian lover

Kenyans on social media have unanimously ”agreed” to roast Vlogger and relationship ”coach” Lisa Gaitho after things in his relationship with Nigerian went left.

As reported by Newsmen earlier, Gaitho shook the entire nation after publicly announcing that her relationship had ended.

We have learnt through Gaitho herself that she is back in the country where she flew in after being shown the door in a not so diplomatic way.

Being a social media savvy, Gaitho announced her return to Nairobi through her Youtube channel in a video that shaded some light on why she broke up with her Nigerian bae.

As seen in a video published on Lisa’s Youtube channel, the lass stressed that their separation was amicable and that they are still in talking terms.

According Lisa, she left the man so she could focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ and celibacy.

Through the video, Lisa revealed her plans to remain celibate till marriage if she gets married at all.

Instead of mourning with her, Kenyans on Twitter laughed at her with many wondering how a relationship guru could not keep her union even after advising ladies on how to keep their men

It should be noted Lisa had earlier on caused a melee online by advising women to bathe their men and dry them well if they want to keep them and favours from them.

In a video that went so viral, the young lady admitted to doing the same to her man which was one of the many reasons that kept him.



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