‘I Know my right’ Nigerian man tells SARS officers brutalizing him for refusing them to check his phone (video)

There was a big drama at Oke Ira area in Lagos State after some SARS officials brutalized a young man for refusing to unlock his phone as they were desperate of finding an excuse to arrest the young man who was going about his daily business.


It appears some SARS officials have not learnt from the mistakes of their colleagues. The officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, have been in the news recently for series of judiciary killing, harassment, rape, extortion and many more.

Another harassment by the officers was captured on camera and it has gone viral.

“I Know my right, you have no right to search my phone” –  These were the words of a young Nigerian man crying out loud as SARS Officers slap him, repeatedly flog him with huge and long Plank that was hitting his head.

According to Eyewitness, the young man was stopped by the SARS officials at Oke Ira in Lagos State, they found nothing implicating after searching his bag, they asked him what he does to earn a living, he told them and the young man showed the officers his ID card.

The drama started when the young man refused to unlock one of  his phone for them to invade his privacy.

The Officers were curiously looking for an excuse to use to apprehend him so they asked him why he had two phones and they told him to unlock the expensive phone for them to see what was inside, it was then he got angry, stood his ground and refused to unlock the phone, so they seized the phone planked him with wood and told him to come to Alagbon FCIID Police station to come and retrieve the phone.

Watch the video below.



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