Ghanaian actress Maame Serwa advises young girls on abortion

Ghanaian actress, Maame Serwa hs advised young girls on the dangers associated with abortion. According to the actress, the process comes with a lot of repercussions.

She said:

“The first thing that comes into mind about abortion is that it is not a good thing. Many girls are not educated on the dangers associated with abortion.

“You can lose your life in the process or might not be able to bring forth children again. Abortion is dangerous and it comes with its own repercussions.

“Abortion is not a solution. My advice to young ladies is not to resort to abortion when they feel they don’t have a choice”

Maame Serwa concluded by advising young girls to avoid pre-marital sex if they are not ready to care for a child.

Maame Serwa



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