Nigerian businessman blasts man who called him a scammer

A Nigerian businessman identified as Mr Ademola, who is the CEO of Mosun Homes, has sent words to the father of a follower who called him a scammer.

Ademola, popularly referred to as iPreachLove on the photos sharing App, Instagram, had written about Nigeria.

n his post he decried the rate at which people tag others as scammers, once they notice fast changes in their lifestyle.

He wrote:

Welcome to Nigeria where you can’t just be only what you want to be, because soon enough people will tag you fraud, call you scammer, it’s all Love though.

Mr Ademola’s post on IG

Then one of his followers who obviously wasn’t contented with his defense asked him if he was not truly a scammer, which he then replied.

very well I am, same with your father



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