Nigerian Celebrities frown at hardship, killings under Buhari’s administration

Just like every other Nigerians, Nigerian Celebrities and Entertainers are also having a taste of tough time under the current Administration and this has led to a public outcry by some of them.

In recent times Nigeria has recorded many social, economic and national issues. However, it seems the celebrities are more particular about recent killings and how money circulation is not flowing which has resulted to ‘hardship’ in the country.

Here are few celebrities who have complained bitterly about the current situation of the Nation while others lambaste President Muhammadu Buhari and his government over hardship and killings in Nigeria:


1. Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji

Popular entrepreneur Laura Ikeji has blasted the government as she complains about money not being in circulation in the country, according to her this is making a lot of people depressed.

Laura Ikeji who said the government should bury their head in shame, went further to decry the invasion of privacy by security officials, bad roads across the country and poor electricity supply

The obviously angered socialite posted an image where she expressed her frustration about the abnormalities going on in the country.

She captioned the image above with;

“Government officials I mean. There was a country indeed.”

2. Simi

Simisola Ogunleye, who simply goes by Simi, recently rant on how Nigeria is a scary place to live in. According to her, crazy things happen and suspects escape free because there is no accountability in Nigeria.


She wrote,

“Nigeria is a fucking scary place to be. The worst part is a lot of crazy stuff happens because they KNOW there will be no consequences. It’s not rocket science. But how do we get from where we are to where we need to be?? + it’s not just the government, it’s us too.

We’re just getting by. No confidence in this broken system. So we hope that today is good for us and that we see tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Surviving, instead of actually living.

And then we have people fighting for leadership positions only to serve themselves. Not us. They really couldn’t give less of a fuck about us. STILL we turn on each other to serve them. So absolutely, ridiculously stupid! We’re supposed to be on the same side.

We outnumber them by millions. They should be accountable to us. They should be scared of us. Not the other way round. If they don’t want to do right because they should, they should do right cos we refuse to accept anything less.

But it’s not enough for only a few people to think this way. Because why on earth should I fight if I know you won’t have my back. Why on earth would you fight if you think I won’t fight with you? So you see – the problem is us.”

3. Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi frowned at the gruesome murders being carried out by the Nigerian Police on innocent Young citizens.

In a photo shared by Shaggi, the inscription read ;

He also wrote ;

EVEN THOUGH MY parents don’t want me to do this, To be honest….it is Painful that this keeps happening and nothing is done to these officers…..LIVES OF PEOPLE MEANS NOTHING TO YOU cos they ain’t your kids?……if na even the President, no Wahala but VICE PRESIDENT SIR, you are a good Christian and a Pastor at least that title “Pastor” was used during this last election, I saw the billboards . Our LIVES MATTER. it can be your Turn Tomorrow!!!!!. It can be your turn tomorrow. We are not animals…..It’s getting worse everyday and it’s unbearable….IT CAN BE YOUR TURN TOMORROW. Even the so called POLICE ambassadors are doing great job than the PRESIDENT AND THE VICE PRESIDENT….do the right thing cos it can be your turn tomorrow. @muhammadubuhari @profosinbajo

4. Mocheddah

Nigerian rapper, Mocheddah cried out about how hard life is despite all the slay pictures she and her kind upload on social media.


In a post she shared on social media, Mocheddah expressed the stress she goes through as a business owner to satisfy her customers.

She shared:

This is me —

After a goooood cry �, I had to wipe my tears , drink tea , get on the phone and get work done .
40% of my time is spent on the phone talking , I do not wish it so but it is , I’m either talking to staff , a supplier or trying to get logistic companies to “do their job “on time because customers need their orders ..
Another 40% is spent on the field , in the sun buying materials I would need or on an okada trying to meet up with a delivery, ( I’ll post the picture soon )
The last 20% is what I have left for myself , family and other businesses I run … .

.It is HARD , I cry , I cry a lot .. .

that’s the only way you can survive as a Nigerian business owner … .

Do not let my Instagram slay pictures deceive you , being an ADULT is HARD work, being an entrepreneur is even HARDER .. .

If you must chop you must work
On the brighter side God rewards hard work … so you will always reap what you have sewn .. I’m writing this to let someone out there know it’s hard for me too … but we will survive .. PS- try drinking green tea – it makes it easier.

5. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Nollywood star actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has stated that the country Nigeria is hellish under the watch of President Buhari and VP Osinbajo.

She made this known in a Terry in which she lamented the continuous killings going on in the country as recently witnessed in Zamfara State.

Omotola also complained about the lack of circulation of money which is giving citizens a hard time.

The Popular actress  tweeted;

The Country Under your watch is Hellish! @YOsibanjo @MBuhari @NGRPresident The lack of Money in circulation,Now coupled with the Continuous Assault n Killings by Uniformed men will make this Country implode!!!It is Unbearable! Do something!Insecurity!Fear n Desperation everywhere




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