Peter And Paul Of Defunct P-Square Battle For Supremacy

Till date, what the brothers have in common has not changed, the battle for supremacy still lingers

Since P-Square boy band broke up, Peter and Paul Okoye have been working hard to solidify their feet as solo artistes in the music industry.

It is not surprising that the brothers are now great competitors of themselves, struggling to snatch spotlight from each other. The competition has been there before the eventual ‘P-Square’ split in September 2017.

Different claims regarding why they parted ways surfaced on news platforms not excluding their fight for right, even fans thought Paul was the better singer, while Peter was just a dancer, who knows nothing but to dance in music videos.

Peter and Paul before the Split

Peter was also perceived to be arrogant and too vocal, however, Paul was seen as the gentle brother who was supported by their elder brother and former manager, Jude Okoye. Despite the ups and downs faced by P-Square, the brothers have one thing in common… ‘they both want to be seen as the better half’, forgetting their cooperation was what berthed P-Square duo in 2003 and made it onetime Africa’s favorite boy band.

They launched their solo career under new brand name, Peter went for Mr. P, while Paul settled for Rudeboy, dropping songs and videos to prove to their fans that they are more capable as individual artistes than the duo they used to be.

Peter Okoye (Mr. P)

Till date, what the brothers have in common has not changed, the battle for supremacy still lingers and if you’ve been following their movement closely, you’d realise this from the timing at which they release their music.

If Peter drops a song today, give Paul at least two weeks, he’d release his own music and vice versa. This can be considered to mean, before ‘he takes the spotlight for a longer time, let me reclaim it and release my own music to show I’m better than him.’

Paul Okoye (Rudeboy)

Mr. P and Rudeboy may not admit to this, but it has become more noticeable since they went solo. Let’s have a typical example of some of their songs from 2017 when they started their solo career officially;


Mr. P – Cool It Down: (Oct 20, 2017)

Rudeboy – Nkenji Keke (Nov 16, 2017)

Mr. P – For My Head (Nov 17, 2017)

Rudeboy – Fire Fire (Nov 19, 2017)


Mr P Ft. Simi – Zombie (Nov 16, 2018)

Rudeboy – Chizoba (Nov 19, 2018)


Mr P ft. Niniola – One More Night (19 March, 2019)

Rudeboy – Reason With Me (April 15, 2019)

VIDEO: Mr. P Ft. Niniola – One More Night (April 22, 2019)

Although, they have dropped more music than what I’ve listed above, but the time intervals? Very close, just like the comparison between Ronaldo and Messi.

They have proven critics wrong about their talents, the two brothers are talented and have high passion for success. Well, as they keep giving their fans good music and influencing younger talents, we’re still looking forward to having them collaborate on a song as solo artistes.

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