Nigerian lady celebrates brilliant dad who graduates from university at age 62

Years after working as houseboy after primary school, dad graduates from university at 62, lady celebrates

A Nigerian lady has decided to celebrate her father who could not complete his education beyond primary school level while he was younger due to lack of fund. According to Nkeoma, her dad had to result to working as a houseboy when his plea with the then principal of Okongwu Memorial Grammar School that his uncle who had two children already attending the school will pay his school fees at a later date failed.

After getting married and having a family of his own, Nkeoma said his father ensured that all his children get education at least secondary school level. She narrated further that due to the limited resources in their family, her two brothers had to opt out of furthering their education so she can have a taste of higher education. She explained how they cried their eyes out, her father, brothers and herself.

Though armed with just primary school education, the thirst for education she said made her father desire to have the secondary education money denied him only for him to be a graduate of Nnmadi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state.

She shared photos of her father in convocation gown with emotional caption of the journey so far.




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