Nigerian man says it is better to be an Atheist than a Nigerian Christian or Muslim, Gives reasons

Facebook, Michael Nwanator Jr has shared an interesting post on his page. In the post, Michael said Atheists are by far better than Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. In his opinion, Nigeria is backward when compared to other countries despite the proponderance of religious centers all over the country. Read what he wrote below

I think it’s better to be an Atheist than to be an average Nigerian Christian and Muslim.

Nigeria is the most religious nation in the world and the poverty capital of the world. Over 91 million are living below poverty line. Over 91 million people are EXTREMELY POOR. The number keeps increasing everyday.

Nigeria ?? is attributed to anything bad in the international community.

Less religious countries prosper than us. To me, Nigeria is 1,000 years behind China ?? and Japan ??.

If religion can’t make us live a moral upright life, what use is the religion?

What do they teach in religious gatherings in Nigeria ???

I don’t think there’s any Atheist holding a top government position in the country??. On Friday and Sunday, you will see them in their various religious places, but why are we in this mess?

I need answers.

Singing Hypocrite by Falz

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