Untold story of how Iyabo Ojo allegedly dumped her ‘Carpenter’ husband after fame

In May, on Mothers Day, Iyabo Ojo shared a video of herself weeping as she took out time to speak on the challenges she’s faced before she finally made it to the limelight of the movie industry in Nigeria.

The Actress recounted her story from when the problem between her and her husband started till when she actually gave birth to her first son and second daughter out of abstract penury.

She said she gave birth to her first child in church and her second in her room due to the poverty that once visited her and her household.

All these and others were the confessions the actress made in her revelation she made in her viral video aimed at celebrating all mothers from all works of life for their struggle towards ensuring a better life for their children; to commemorate the world’s mother’s day.

Watch the video below, incase you missed it at first;




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