Nigeria lady reveals the shocking thing she found inside a meat pie, see picture

A Nigerian lady identified as Onuorha Ebube has taken to social media to share a picture of what she found inside a meat pie she bought.

She said:

“All i can say is a it is a wicked world out there. i would also be needing the services of a therapist, please can anyone connect me to one?

See picture:

See what Nigerians are saying:

” This is Macaroni pie”

“Next level u know thank God say u no see cow shit ..Wetin Buhari government don do”

“What kind of pie did you tell them you want? If you weren’t specific about the kind of pie you wanted then stop it”

“Creativity at its best..if the needed is not available, the available becomes needed. Welcome to the world of Macaropie!! Meanwhile, I know a good therapist that I can recommend.”

“Macaroni pie aunty eat your pie in peace.. You should be thanking God you didn’t see vegetables in it, Chai… Nigeria ooo”



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