Story Of Lady Who Was Pregnant With Twins While Running Her Graduate Program (Photos)

A Lady has taken to her social media handle to narrate her story and how she was able to successfully carry her pregnancy and still pursue her undergraduate study without flinching. The lady who in the long post revealed that she discovered that she was carrying 5  months twins when she started her graduation and her program director told her to come back next year due to her condition.

Undeterred by the circumstances she had found her self in, she chose to push through and it paid off. According to the blogger, naijaframe, she wrote;

“I ALMOST GAVE UP! The Devil really had me. NOTHING could have equipped me for the journey that I have been through…Our program kick off with 26 persons and I am now 1 of 17 that will be graduating.

5 months after kicking off with my graduate program I found out that I was pregnant with twin. When I told my program head, I was expecting he told me I should just take time off and come back next year because it was going to be too difficult to finish the program with my unborn child and “nearly impossible” to do it with two.

I went to school every single day literally until the day I gave birth. I was determined to complete well. Only after a week of giving birth via c section I was back in class because i was told it was “unacceptable that I missed a week of school” Who would’ve known that for the next 15 months I would survive the hardest year of my life. Being a mom is difficult enough but being a single mother to two kids while being a full time student and living away from relatives and friends literally having no solid support is a complex type of hard.

I did it all of it by myself. I got up everyday at 5 AM to get my kids to daycare as soon as the doors were opened to be at the hospital for rotations at 7 AM everyday and still being accountable for online work.

I honestly thought dropping out from the whole program would be the best decision for me, but I knew I couldn’t let my children down and I was only giving the devil what he wanted. I knew I would not only fail myself but everyone who was standing for me. I worked really hard y’all , there was times I cried myself to sleep and question God why was I alone.

Why was I raising two children alone with no family or friends here to help me while trying to put myself through school. But God had a plan for me, and WE made it! I persisted, I finished. I have achieved not one but TWO degrees Two years,two kids and TWO degrees later. By Gods grace… we didn’t just do it , WE MASTERED IT!!!! I am receiving my second bachelors in Cardiovascular Sonography and a Master’s in Health Science August 16th, 2019 “.

See photos below;



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