Xenophobia: Reality star Tayo Faniran strangled by South African Police officers (video)

The reality TV star, Tayo Faniran has captured the moment South African police officers assaulted and strangled him after he was stopped while driving on the road and refused to give up his phone for search.

In the early hours of this morning July 25th, Tayo Faniran who was driving to a meeting for a discussion about his brand was stopped by South African police officers who assaulted and strangled him while he made a live video on Instagram.

Falana went live on Instagram just after he was stopped by a Police officer, he refused to ride in the police car to the police station after denying access for a search on his phone.

While Falana was insisting he would only ride with them to the station in his car because he broke no law, one of the police officers called in for backup and said they will “bundle” him to the police station by force.

Falana who was filming asked the Police officer to state why he is being stopped and harassed, stating that this was what they did regularly to Nigerians in South Africa. He stated that it was the xenophobic act he and other Nigerians have been complaining of. To emphasis his point, he asked if the South African policemen could stop other cars especially those with whites and ask to go through their phones, but the officer didn’t respond to him.

When the back up arrived, they requested he stopped the live video and he insisted he was not going to stop, he wanted the world to see what Police in South Africa does to Nigerians there. The officers then attacked him and strangled him as they snatch his phone from him to stop the live video.

Watch the video below:




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