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Regina Daniels Shows Us What It Feels Like To Be A Billionaire (Video)

Regina Daniels, Nollywood princess, and wife to Nigerian billionaire and politician, Ned Nwoko is living her best life as she shares a compilation of different video clips of her vacation trip to Ghana with her husband and stepchildren.

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Ever since Ned Nwoko came into Regina Daniels’ life, she has been living like a queen and feasting like a king. Her luxurious life has become the envy of many.

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This year, 2019, has been the best year for the 21-year-old Regina, who went into acting at a very tender age. Not many knew her as a Nollywood actress because she wasn’t very popular.

But from the moment she started posting pictures of herself cruising in a private jet, flaunting brand new, expensive and exotic cars, sharing a photo of a mansion she claimed she acquired for her mother and pictures of her luxurious lifestyle from the beginning of this year, she started catching the attention of many, raising eyebrows and being in the news regularly.

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Everyone wanted to know the source of her sudden wealth or the person behind her life of luxury. And without wasting time, she revealed Ned Nwoko the billionaire as the man behind her fortune, and then before anyone could say jack, rumors of their relationship had gone round and shortly after, they announced they were married.

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Regina is obviously not slacking one bit as she is enjoying every bit of her husband’s wealth and lavishly spending his money.

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