Three Nigerian stowaways who hid in a Europe-bound ship from Lagos arrested in Ghana

Nigerians desperately strive daily to leave the country every day through any available means either rough or smooth. Three Nigerians who wants to leave for Europe by all means hid in a Europe-bound ship that departed Lagos port.

The plans of these three Nigerians became handless as they were discovered on Europe-bound ship at Ghana’s port of Tema.

According to Ghana News Agency, the yet to be identified Nigerians boarded the ship separately with the mission to seel greener pastures in Europe.

Two out of the three Nigerians confessed that this is not their first time of trying to sail to Europe illegally but whenever they reach Europe, they would be deported with time.

The Port Security Manager, Joseph Punamane said the Nigerian stowaways would be returned to Nigeria.

He advised the stowaways to discontinue embarking on such illegal voyages, citing many instances where failed attempts have led to extreme injuries and sometimes deaths.



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