Man reveals new style of fake life people live on social media

twitter user has taken to the platform to expose the fake life most people now live on social media to show others they are being loved by many.

The man in his post claimed that he ordered for some items from a certain vendor and what they asked him shook him to the marrow.

The man in his post claimed the vendor asked if he would love that they send the items to him as though it was sent by someone who cares for him.

He then went further to reveal that what people do now on social media is to buy lots of items on their birthday and make it look like they were bought by their friends who cherish them.

Read his post:

I DM’d a vendor to buy something and they go “will you like us to post as anon got it for you” Jesus so this is what you guys have been doing?? And I’ve been thinking I’m the loneliest son of a bitch on Twitter… can never get lower than this.

I’ve just been told that people also order flowers and lots of cakes for themselves to stunt for social media so it looks like they’re loved by a lot of people…. I’m going to throw up

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