‘My music will interest an average listener’ – Nigerian rapper, Urban reveals prior to his song release

Rap is one of the elements from hip hop culture, sung and performed particularly by the African Americans. It has a global influence on the Nigerian music scene. Down the years, a lot of Nigerian rappers have made their mark on the genre.

In a recent interview with Nigerian rapper Urban, who is gearing up for the release of his new single ‘Miami Nights,’ he revealed to Opera News his thoughts on the future of Nigerian rap music and the impact his own brand will make in the country while also stating his thoughts on M.I’s controversial track ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life.’

What’s your thought on M.I’s track ‘You rappers should fix up your life’?

Huh first, I must say that was a great record by M.I and the message passed could be taken in different views by different rap entities. I on my part felt it was more like a wake-up call from M.I who clearly loves hip-hop and wants to see Nigerian Hip-hop thrive. But we all know M. I as an Emcee is stylish with his flows, so he did a bit of bragging here and there on the record which made other rappers feel like it was a disrespect to them no holding the game right or M.I disrespecting their craft, but for me I feel M.I is someone who has earned his respect in the game and he is probably coming towards the end of his era and he needs someone else to stand up and pick up the challenge, he has held the game down for a while.

What are you bringing to the rap game that hasn’t been done in the Nigerian rap industry?

I am a rapper who stands for making music that will stand the test of time, there is alot that can be done in the Rap scene in Nigeria, at the end people will remember you for the music you make, not a couple of dope bars you must have dropped somewhere. I am trying to make rap music interesting to the average listener, by spicing it up with beautiful sounds, catchy delivery, storylines that can be relevant to the listener. I am so confident with my music and I am the best right now.

Your own list of top 10 rappers dead or alive?

Wow this is tough but there are alot of Nigerian rappers I have enjoyed over the years in Nigeria and I respect them alot.

1. Jesse Jagz
2. M.I abaga
3. Terry tha Rahman
4. 6footplus
5. Rugged man
6. Naeto C
7. Sasha
8. Mode9
9. Vector
10. Eldee

Your thoughts on Nigerian rappers going Pop?

I really don’t see a problem with that, I try not to stereotype anybody’s art, as long as you come correct on it, it shouldn’t really be a problem. Rappers have been able to sing for as long as I know or jump on pop sounds, so it is really not a problem. I feel if you feel comfortable, why not.

The future of Nigerian rap music?

Nigerian rap has a long way to go, I feel eventually, with young rappers coming through, the rap game will get the sort of recognition the afro genre is getting. There are very talented heads coming up and I feel the future of world rap music could lay in the hands of Nigeria. Our industry is getting the necessary exposure and I feel maybe this is the time for rappers to grab that opportunity to show their talents.

What do you think of the unity between rappers in the industry?

I feel the rap game should have healthy competition to keep it all spiced up, it also helps to sharpen up the rappers’ intellect. But above that l feel rappers should look out for each other and form a bond and carry this genre forward, I feel like the ego is big and Most Nigerian rappers don’t see a need to support or help push each other forward like it’s being done in other thriving genres in the industry, so while we have our healthy competition let us stay United to drive the art.

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