Paul Pogba Pens Touching Anti-Racism Message

Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba has vowed to fight racist attacks against him and others in reaction to being trolled after the draw match between his club and wolves.

Paul Pogba took to his Instagram account to address the racist attacks with heart felt messages.

He wrote;

It took me a few days to comment on the racial abuse directed at me. When i hold my son against the heros of my wall, past and future come together.

While seeing the amazing achievements of the past towards equality and freedom I hope my son’s generation will achieve so much more on the road to ratial peace.

I pray my son will not grow up in a world of ‘us’ against ‘them’, but instead in a world where everyone can express and be him or herself without confrontation.

I pray for those affected by racism to be strong. I ask God to forgive the perpetrators andgive me the tolerance and understanding towards those poor souls.

For all of us who ake up every day to fight our battles and serve Him, may we be free, may we be healthy, may we be strong, may we never lose faith.

It is such an old trick to try to weaken somebody by attacking his/her sjkin color, gender or belief system. It makes me laugh so ridiculous it is. Together we’ll always be stronger.

To all supporters, team mates and friends who sent me so many beautiful messages from so many countries, my deepest merci, i read them all.

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